Your company is growing.

Your company has multiple locations in multiple regions.

Your company is purchasing it's operational supplies from multiple sources.

Your company's expenditures on it's operational supplies and equipment is going through the roof!

Your company wants to focus on serving your customers, and not on how to control your spend.

The Solution


Budgets.Pro is an easy to use tool that allows a retail operation to purchase all of their operational supplies through a single webportal.

  1. Each location is assigned a budget, or multiple budgets based on type of supply to be purchased.

  2. Locations order only from approved vendors through the webportal.

  3. If a locations exceeds it's budget, an area manager or top level corporate needs to approve the order.

  4. Orders placed are routed to the vendor of choice via any method of choice (EDI, CxML, Web Services, Email).

  5. Custom reporting is provided to corporate to analyze spend and see where savings can be found.


Your company is able to center on serving your customers.